Four Day Reveal-athon - Intro

I can see this marketing journey becoming a book all on its own! Just in the last few days God’s revealed things that I pray will change my life forever.

I must confess – I’ve struggled with valuing the message of my book. It’s poetry for one thing (possibly the least popular of genres), and it’s about God saving me from a life of lonliness and fear. Among the many stories of hardship, lonliness seems to not even rate. What could I possibly have to say about hardship?! I felt like a thief for even using the word ‘darkness’. It belongs to people who have ‘really’ suffered…. 

Then this weekend happened – the biggest affirmation yet. God is in this thing, and he’s working out something super cool. I’m humbled and amazed and totally pumped that I get to have a part! There’s so much to share, so I’ll do a few posts on it. I don’t want to miss telling you a thing!

Here’s some of what I’ll write about:

First, the Holy Spirit shone a whole new light on 20 years of rejection
Then, in my discouragement God spoke some powerful things to my heart.
Then, as I walked forward in faith, God also showed me a glimpse of what He has in mind – for my part in His work – how something insignificant gains meaning when God is involved. Wow.
And the Four Day Reveal-athon concluded with the most powerful communion I’ve ever had.

Here we go… J


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