Back Just In Time For Your Invitation!

Aaaaand, we're back! Had a momentary glitch. (forgot to renew the domain name, and someone snuck it away on me - won't let that happen again! ... I hope)

Guess what! It's here! The "Reach For a Change" Event is coming up in two short weeks!

Here's a sneak preview of Don's God-given talent: 

Sure, our event will be way lower key than the Aboriginal Music Awards, but still - it'll be great! 

Tickets now on sale at CFC (417 Hanover Street, Steinbach) and Hulls Bookstores in Steinbach and Winnipeg. I'm sure looking forward to it - Hope to see you there!



The Unknowngnome said...

Woohoo! Wish we could attend to hear you speak. You'll be awesome I'm sure.

Glad you figured out what went wrong with your blog. :)

From The Heart Online said...

Aww... thanks! It's pretty exciting :D

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